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Flat Ribbon Connector FFC-FPC

The flat ribbon cable is a design that does not use stranded wire, but rather metal strips attached to polyester, the ends of which can be plugged directly onto connectors intended for this purpose. This design is also known internationally as Flat Flex Cable or FFC.

FFC-FPC-Connector views
  • Connectors for flat conductors (FFC - Flat Flexible Cable)
  • flexible printed circuit boards (FPC - Flexible Printed Circuitry)

The robust connectors ensure easy operation and secure cable holding. The range includes a range of different grid sizes and circuit sizes available with ZIF and non-ZIF ejectors. These ejectors are pre-assembled covers that ensure the connection between FFC-FPC and connector terminals.


Please note when inserting or removing the ribbon cable that the lock is pulled up before (!).


Technical Data Keyboard FFC Connectors

in the Amiga

As a connector for the keyboard foils in the A600 and A1200, as well as CD-ROM-LW connector in the CD32.
Sample designation: FFC & FPC-Steckverbinder 1.25 FFC ZIF Hsg Assy 30Ckt

They are manufactured by the manufacturer Molex in white nylon as a vertical version and have a grid dimension of 1.25mm.

TypeCommo-No. C= Description C= Info Form Editors Info
A 390492-02 LOCKING ZIF Keyboard 30 PINZIF FFC CN13 Molex-No.: 39-53-2305
B 390492-04 31-Pin, Locking ZIF, FFC CN13 Keyboard Molex-No.: 39-53-2315
C 390543-03 Connector, FPC, Verical, 26-PINCN17 (CD ROM) Molex-No.: 39-53-2265

A600 1 A CN13,-
A1200 1 B CN13,-
CD32 1 C CN17,-

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