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  • Picasso IV
    Picasso IV
    product name: Picasso IV
    manufacturer: Village Tronic, Germany
    time of production: 1996 - 1999
    Autoconfig ID: 2167 / 21, 22, 23 | 24 (Z2 | Z3)
    UVP: 450 USD (1997)
    The Picasso IV was the last graphic card of Village Tronic developed for Amiga computers.more
  • Video DAC
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    Video DAC
    ADV101: CMOS 80 MHz, Triple 8-Bit Video DAC
    VP101: 30/50MHz 8-BIT CMOS VIDEO DACmore
  • 74_163
    The MC74F163A is a high-speed synchronous modulo-16 binary counter. It is synchronously presettable for application in programmable dividers and have two types of Count Enable inputs plus a Terminal Count output for versatility in forming synchronous multistage counters.more
  • NE564
    The NE564 is a versatile, high guaranteed frequency phase-locked loop designed for operation up to 50MHz. As shown in the Block Diagram, the NE564 consists of a VCO, limiter,
    phase comparator, and post detection processor.
    * Operation with single 5V supplymore
  • CXA 1145
    CXA 1145
    The CXA 1145 encoder from Sony converts an analog RGB signal to a composite video signal (PAL/NTSC). With its built-in circuit various pulses required for an encoder, composite video outputs are obtained just by inputting the composite sync and analog RGB signal.more
  • Important !
    Important !
    Better listen! : the original electrolytic smd-capacitors and the accumulator must be removed immediately !!
    affected devices (f.e.):
    * all that have an accumulator: remove right away!
    * SMD-Amigas: A600, A1200, A4000(T), CD32
  • Lisa
    is a Display Controller Integrated Circuit. offering considerable advantages to the Amiga product line, both new features and higher performance.
    The basic function of Lisa is to accept bitplane data and sprite data from chip ram, and serialize and prioritize them to provide a set of signals suitable for input to a video DAC. Lisa also provides mouse/joystick circuitry and genlock support.more
  • sidebar
    * Index  
    * Updates
    * Overview
    * Glossar
    * Important !!!
    * History
    * Models...more
  • 74_646 - Octal Transceiver/Register
    74_646 - Octal Transceiver/Register
    Octal Transceiver/Register with 3-STATE Outputs
    These devices consist of bus transceiver circuits with
    3-STATE, D-type flip-flops, and control circuitry arranged
    for multiplexed transmission of data directly from the input
    bus or from the internal registers. Data on the A or B bus
    will be clocked into the registers as the appropriate clock...more
  • Amiga
    [Last official Logo]
    The Commodore Amiga (spanish: girlfriend) was a widespread computer from the mid-1980s to the mid-1990s, which was particularly popular as a home computer in its entry-level models (A500 and A1200). For his time, he had strong multimedia skills and a powerful, preemptive multitasking operating system. During the Commodore period, he worked consistently with processors of the Motorola 68000 family.more
  • History Of The Amiga
  • NComm
  • Ordner : Software / Communication
  • Folder : Software (all)
  • Ordner : Service / Repair
  • Folder : Service / Maintenance
  • Folder : Service / Basics
  • Spirit Of Amiga
  • GND (Ground)
  • Bus
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