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NE564N at A3000

The NE564 is a versatile, high guaranteed frequency phase-locked loop designed for operation up to 50MHz. As shown in the Block Diagram, the NE564 consists of a VCO, limiter, phase comparator, and post detection processor.

NE564 Block Diagram


  • Operation with single 5V supply
  • TTL-compatible inputs and outputs
  • Guaranteed operation to 50MHz
  • External loop gain control
  • Reduced carrier feedthrough
  • No elaborate filtering needed in FSK applications
  • Can be used as a modulator
  • Variable loop gain (externally controlled)


  • High speed modems
  • FSK receivers and transmitters
  • Frequency Synthesizers
  • Signal generators
  • Various satcom/TV systems


at the Amiga

in every Amiga with Amber

TypCommo-No. C= Description C= Info Form Editors Info
A 390531-01IC NE564 PLL 50MHZ DIP16
atCountTypPosition Notice
A3000 1 A U481,-
A3000-T 1 A U481,-
A2320 1 A U2,-
GBA 1 A IC27,-

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