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The A1000 phoenix was a subscription funded replacement motherboard for the A1000, ie a totally new 3rd party motherboard which was designed to fit into the A1000 case. It was designed and manufactured by Phoenix Microtechnologies in South Australia (circa 1991). It was a totally enhanced A1000 motherboard. It came with the ECS chipset, Kickstart 1.3 (on ROM) and 2MB of RAM. Depending on your configuration preference, the RAM was either configured as 1MB Chip and 1MB Fast or as 2MB Chip. It also had an optional SCSI-II controller on the motherboard. Every motherboard has the SCSI header present, but it was optional because it required the purchase of the SCSI PAL Chip and EPROM. The A1000 phoenix also had a single Zorro II slot, but because of the limitations of the A1000 case, any Zorro II cards needed to be mounted in an external unit. An a2000 video slot was also added to the motherboard as well as a battery backed-up clock. The motherboard could either be installed manually by the user, which required the retention of some chips from the original motherboard (Paula, Denise, CPU), for installation on the new motherboard or users which lived near the manufacturing facility could have their motherboard replaced by Phoenix Microtechnologies themselves. There is estimated to have been between 500 and 1000 production units of the A1000 phoenix made.



Hier die Zusammenfassung der Phoenix Jumper-Settings:


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