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Timeline Plugin

Test einer Timeline-Software

Mit der Maus über dem Feld scrollen ;-) <eventline>&file=example&height=200px&</eventline>

Hinweise / Hints

Code einfügen Diese Seite benötigt Javascript zum Anzeigen !!
Nach dem Speichern der Daten-Seite unbedingt noch den Button 'als Timeline speichern' drücken !!!


  • Probleme gibt es wohl mit manchen Minus-Zeichen.
  • kein korrektes Datenfile → keine !! inhaltliche Darstellung

This page uses Javascript to show you a Timeline. Please enable Javascript in your browser to see the full page. Thank you.


  • some minus-characters ??
  • Data-File not correct → no display of the content


<event start='1985' end='2999' color='red' isDuration='true' title='AMIGA'>Ewig lebe der Amiga !</event>

Basic Event Attributes:

  • start - in full date format (e.g. „May 20 1961 00:00:00 GMT-0600“). See next section for alternative formats.
  • latestStart - for imprecise beginnings - same date format as start
  • earliestEnd - for imprecise ends - same date format as start
  • end - same date format as start
  • durationEvent - 'true' or 'false'. Only applies to events with start/end times.
    true – the event occurs over a time duration. No icon. The event will be drawn as a dark blue tape. The tape color is set with the color attribute. Default color is #58A0DC
    false – the event is focused on a specific „instant“ (shown with the icon). The event will be drawn as a blue dot icon (default) with a pale blue tape. The tape is the default color (or color attribute color), with opacity set to 20. To change the opacity, change the theme's instant: {impreciseOpacity: 20} value. Maximum 100.
  • title - text title that goes next to the tape in the Timeline. Also shown in the bubble. The title attribute is optional. Leave it out if you want just an icon or icon and tape. The description will be shown in the bubble when the icon or tape is clicked.
  • Date Time Formats
    The default date time parser uses the Javascript Date parser built into the browser.
    Recommended formats
    The format of „May 10 1961 00:00:00 GMT-0600“ is unambiguous and is the default.
    The RFC 2822 format of „Thu, 21 Dec 2000 16:01:07 +0200“ also works fine by default.
  • icon - url. This image will appear next to the title text in the timeline if (no end date) or (durationEvent = false). If a start and end date are supplied, and durationEvent is true, the icon is not shown. If icon attribute is not set, a default icon from the theme is used.
  • image - url to an image that will be displayed in the bubble
  • link - url. The bubble's title text be a hyper-link to this address.
  • color - color of the text and tape (duration events) to display in the timeline. If the event has durationEvent = false, then the bar's opacity will be applied (default 20%). See durationEvent, above.
  • textColor - color of the label text on the timeline. If not set, then the color attribute will be used.
  • tapeImage and tapeRepeat Sets the background image and repeat style for the event's tape (or 'bar') on the Timeline. Overrides the color setting for the tape. Repeat style should be one of {repeat | repeat-x | repeat-y}, repeat is the default. See the Cubism example for a demonstration. Only applies to duration events.


Standard (mit Höhe 350px)


oder wie hier oben


example = File/Datei-Name


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